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Here’s Why I Booked a Trip to Myrtle Beach and What I’ve Been Doing

This week I’m coming to you from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! I booked this trip sometime in January because I needed an escape from winter! I love the sun and being outside so I find the dead of winter really hard especially when temperatures drop to the point where it’s painful to be outside. OnceContinue reading “Here’s Why I Booked a Trip to Myrtle Beach and What I’ve Been Doing”

Dating Apps 101

Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Plenty of Fish, Coffee Meets Bagel, The League, Happn, Okcupid, the list for dating apps goes on and on. Can I talk about Match for a second? I’ve never tried it but I’m giving it serious consideration because I love the devil and 2020 commercial, a must watch if you haven’t seenContinue reading “Dating Apps 101”

Galentine’s Décor

I absolutely love decorating for the holidays! I have way too many bins of holiday décor stuffed away in my living room closet. I decorate for pretty much every major holiday, mostly because I enjoy the process. There’s something creative, fun and even therapeutic about it! Now, for this post I thought it’d be funContinue reading “Galentine’s Décor”

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