Play Hooky with Me! Day in the Life

Today is Monday, April 4th and I took the day off. Truth be told I NEEDED a day off. My job has been stressful lately. I’ve been worried about job security for the last 10 months, I am navigating a new manager, and management style. With all of this going on I remind myself toContinue reading “Play Hooky with Me! Day in the Life”

5 Dog Treats & Toys for a Dog Super Chewer

I highly recommend any Kong toys as they’re the most durable toys I’ve come across. I recently learned that Kong has different levels of toy toughness indicated by the toy color. Pink & blue are for puppies, red is their classic and black is for extreme chewers. Since my dog Tux rips toys apart inContinue reading “5 Dog Treats & Toys for a Dog Super Chewer”

How My Dating Life is Going | 2022 Addition 

Are you here for the juicy details? I can’t say I blame you. I’m bringing this piece back because of its success earlier in the year. If you haven’t read the first edition of How My Dating Life is Going in 2021. So let’s reflect on what the scoop was at the end of lastContinue reading How My Dating Life is Going | 2022 Addition 

7 Small Steps I’m taking to Go Green

Tote Bags I started food shopping at Aldi this year and it’s gotten me into the habit of using tote bags, instead because they charge for plastic bags. Now, if I can just get into the habit of keeping the tote bags in my car, instead of my hall closet I’d be golden!  Can’t countContinue reading “7 Small Steps I’m taking to Go Green”

My Recent Breakup Do’s and Don’ts

Do  Take into consideration how you feel around that person. Are you happy, energized, anxious, or sad? Over time I’ve become really in tune with identifying what emotions I’m feeling in a moment. It’s been really helpful (not just for breakups) but I’ve found once I identify how I’m feeling it doesn’t take long toContinue reading “My Recent Breakup Do’s and Don’ts”

My 2021 Book Recommendation

My favorite book that I read this year is hands down Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I’m betting most people have seen the movie which is good (love Julia Roberts) but I really recommend reading the book too! It’s been a bit since I’ve read it but I loved the basic premise; a newlyContinue reading “My 2021 Book Recommendation”

Here’s Why I Booked a Trip to Myrtle Beach and What I’ve Been Doing

This week I’m coming to you from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! I booked this trip sometime in January because I needed an escape from winter! I love the sun and being outside so I find the dead of winter really hard especially when temperatures drop to the point where it’s painful to be outside. OnceContinue reading “Here’s Why I Booked a Trip to Myrtle Beach and What I’ve Been Doing”