Why I’m Green Chef Obsessed!

I owe my Green Chef obsession to my brother, shoutout to Chris! 🙂  He orders their boxes and was kind enough to give me a few meals to try. I found the recipes very easy to follow, quick to make, and very tasty! Needless to say, it wasn’t long until I became a Green Chef customer myself. 

I wasn’t always a food box fan though! Since I cook fairly often I looked down on food subscription boxes. I saw them as “cooking for dummies’ ‘ but I’ve actually learned quite a bit using them. Portion size, for starters! I used to make myself an entire cup of rice for a serving while Green Chef’s serving size is a ¼ cup. Also, most Green Chef recipes incorporate sauces so I’ve learned different types of sauce and how to make them. 

My other aversion was fueled by the thought that food boxes were overpriced but when you break it down it’s not bad. My box is $82 for the week which includes 3 recipes, 2 serving sizes each, for 6 total meals. Broken down it’s a cost of $13.67 a meal which is cheaper than going out and healthier! Really the final selling factor for me though is “the dinner rut”. If you cook you know exactly what I’m talking about. You can’t think of anything to make or you’re sick of making the same things over and over. Insert, Green Chef. I get to try new (proven successful) recipes without the trip to the grocery store! 

I thought it would be fun to share what I got in my most recent Green Chef box inclusive of pictures from Green Chef versus Jess-created reality! I think I did pretty good recreating the Green Chef aesthetic but I’ll let you be the final judge. Without further delay, here’s a look at what I got!

I get the omnivore box so it includes meat but this week I did choose one meatless option. The first picture includes all 3 recipes of the week; Teriyaki Chicken Sandwiches, Sun-dried Tomato Flatbreads, and Creamy Mushroom & Meatball Soup.

The Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich was hands down my favorite in the box and my favorite top 3 overall Green Chef recipes! My friend Sara came over one night and we made this together. She worked on the coleslaw while I cooked the chicken and toasted the ciabatta bread. Altogether an easy and quick meal that I 100% recommend! 

Next up was the Sun-dried Tomato Flatbread. It had a pesto sauce base which I really like. The flatbread also included a kale salad for a vegetable side that was tasty. I’d recommend this one and will be reordering it in the future. 

Last was the Creamy Mushroom & Meatball Soup. Shoutout to my friend Pri for the beautiful place setting! For some reason, the soup really cooked down so we added a naan side which paired really well. I’d give this recipe a reorder too! 

One more reason I love Green Chef is the flexibility! I find I don’t need a box every week so I cancel weeks where I’m not around or don’t need any more groceries. I downloaded their app so it’s easy to go in and pause weeks. The app is also helpful to see what meals I want, if I don’t select my meals they’ll be auto-picked so I always make sure to go in ahead of the schedule and make any changes. 

Leave me a comment if you try Green Chef or if you have any other food subscription recommendations.

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