Affiliate Managers Guide to Get the Best Price on Tvs, Computers, and Phones

For those of you who don’t know, my day job is as an affiliate manager. I’ve been in this industry for over 8 years. I started off working at an affiliate network, transitioned to working at an affiliate agency, and now I’m an affiliate manager for a large retailer. If you’re not sure what an affiliate manager is; all you need to know is that I’m very knowledgeable when it comes to finding deals for online shopping. I’m excited to share this knowledge with you, my friends!

Looking for a new tv or cell phone? Slick Deals is where you need to be. They are known for best of web pricing and have a specialty in tech deals. Best of web pricing means they scrap the web to find the best price for a product and won’t post it to their site unless that’s the case. Their editors review and play the final role to determine what goes live. 

If you’re just looking to explore deals checkout the homepage. You will likely be blown away by how cheap some of these buys are! The homepage or Slick Deals termed “front page deals” means this deal has gained a lot of traction on their site and it’s gone to the front page. Front pages deals are the most clicked through and purchased deals by Slick Deals users.  As you branch off the front page and search by categories you’ll notice another description, popular deals. Popular deals are growing in popularity but don’t have quite as much traction. These are usually pretty strong deals but they haven’t gone viral. 

 Still not seeing what you want? Create an account with Slick Deals and they will allow you to set deal alerts on your favorite brands, categories or products. You’ll never miss your favorite brands one a year sale again. 

I love to share my recommendations on how to find the best deals on the web, product deals, loyalty programs, and more. As an affiliate manager I work with so many websites and am constantly discovering new ones that I end up returning to in my every day life. Using these sites as a consumer has turned me into quite the savvy online shopper and I know I would of never discovered half of them if it wasn’t for my job. If you’d like to learn more about other sites similar to Slick Deals like or comment on this post so I know it’s something you’re interested in.  Also, if you have any tips for saving money online or let me know I love learning new tricks.

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