Tracking My Monthly Spend and Budgeting

Budgeting in November? It went pretty well all things considered. If you haven’t read my first post, here is a link to how I planned my budget. My goal was roughly $4K for the month for recurring and fluctuating expenses (entertainment, food, etc). I also aimed at $4K to be close to my spending levelContinue reading “Tracking My Monthly Spend and Budgeting”

My Expenses and How I’m Budgeting This Month 

Like the majority of my generation, I am working to pay off my student loans. Initially, I was the worst with finances. I wasn’t making a lot of money, had a ton of students loans, and didn’t know how to budget. I’m a far way away from that now but I’m still no expert! MyContinue reading My Expenses and How I’m Budgeting This Month