Halloween Mindful Walks

Walking through a neighborhood in my opinion is the best way to get to learn a new place. I get to see things in much better detail than I ever would driving around. Plus getting out for a walk is a great way to get my body moving and gives me time to reflect on my day.

I might of mentioned this before but one of my favorite things to do on my daily walks with Tux is check out the scenery. I like to observe peoples house, landscaping (flowers in particular) and décor. With Halloween this Saturday and everyone stuck at home I noticed people are really getting into the spirit. Tux and I walked a little slower than usual to take in all the decorations and snap a few photos, enjoy!

This house kept it simple with traditional orange lighting and jack o’lantern’s. There was a bit more lights in the backyard I didn’t capture that went down their fence but all in all they definitely decked out the corner with Halloween goodness!

This one looked to be more modern, as in all of the decorations were bought relatively recently. One of the pro’s of this house is every decoration has a lighting element so if we’re walking by day or night everything is visible! My favorite decoration has to be the light up “Boo” sign. The lights under the trees are a bit hard to make out but they’re tiny light up ghosts. A simple but cute set up!

The first time I walked by this house with the decorations up I literally stopped and starred, so much so that the neighbor made note of me. She said that these people have been decorating like this for a few years now and are known around the area. I have say that before this I wasn’t a big fan of skeleton décor but they’ve sold me! I love how they made it fun and each skeleton is doing something different. Some are underground trying to dig out, two a dressed up as bride and groom on the chimney, one appears to be doing a slam dunk while another is doing a back flip. Further to the right one the of skeletons is missing his arm but his holding it in the other hand and the last one is doing a headstand. Overall really creative and I could see how they could build upon this each year.

These people took the joke that 2020 has been and kept it going in their Halloween décor! I’m loving their green lighting, I feel like its not traditionally Halloween the way that orange and purple are but it makes the skeletons pop and gives a creepy vibe!

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