My 8 Pro’s to Quarantine

New Hobbies

If you haven’t picked up a new hobby in quarantine what are you waiting for? I started golfing with my family this summer and I really enjoy it! In the beginning we were going to the driving range a few times a week after work. I find it really rewarding because the more I practice the more improvements I can see. Since my goal isn’t to be the next Tiger I find golf to be really relaxing. I use the time to clear my head and think about nothing else except my swing and hitting the ball.

Family Time

As someone who has lived 2 hours away from family for the past three years this time in quarantine has felt like I get to make up for lost family time. I consider myself a family person so quick weekend visits weren’t really satisfying my needs. Now family time happens pretty much whenever I want and I’m appreciating every minute of it!

Simple Life

I feel like life really has simplified. Once more and more things closed I (like everyone) had to adjust to “the new normal.” It definitely took awhile but I’ve really started to come around to it and enjoy this less stressful lifestyle. I’m not rushing to get to places, I don’t have a ton of things to do and I’m not worried about fitting it all in. I feel like I can finally slow down and take the time for me and what I want to do and it’s refreshing! 


I started to get back into reading a little before quarantine began when a friend of mine lent me a few books. I worked my way through those given all the extra time I had on my hands and got hooked back into reading. This comes from a girl who hadn’t read more than 1 or 2 books a year for the past handful of years. Now I’ve got a stack on my nightstand of books waiting to be read. No time like the present 🙂

Work From Home

Sleeping in, wearing sweats, no commute, need I say more?


This might sound broad but I have three main thoughts here. The first is how people are communicating better. I think society was on a dangerous path where phones were the most important item we owned and talking to one another equated to typing on a screen even when we’re face to face with someone else. I think quarantine was the wake up call a lot of people needed to value face to face interaction and put down the phone! 

Secondly I noticed people’s kindness. When things were at their craziest and toilet paper was just an empty shelf I have a vivid memory of being at the grocery store. The meat section was sparse and there were only two packages of chicken left. A woman picked up both but then started talking to the man next to her and immediately gave up one of her chicken packages. A small action of course but I’ve seen more and more of these types of acts of kindness and we have to keep it going, spread kindness! 

Lastly quarantine is driving down costs for things that are traditionally expensive like travel and weddings. I know we can’t exactly travel right now but I’m excited for the opportunity when things open up a bit more to afford tickets overseas. I really want to plan a trip around Europe and Asia and not have to drop a grand just to get over there. As for weddings, I know people had a lot of frustration and confusion over corona canceling their weddings but it certainly presents a unique opportunity. I think society gives way too much of an emphasis on the wedding so people forget about the second much longer part; marriage! Social media like Pinterest and Instagram have commercialized weddings, placing these fairy tale images in brides’ heads of what their wedding day is supposed to look like. Who cares? A wedding should be about marrying your best friend and if that’s the case people will find a way, venue or not. Now that astronomical cost can go toward a down payment on a house or travel for unforgettable experiences that last more than a few hours. Photographers, DJ’s, food, linens etc are just minor details that get worked out by family or friends. They’ll be just fine because they are minor details that no one will remember anyway! What really matters is two people are getting married and starting what will hopefully be a lifelong partnership.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my furry coworker, Tux! Working for home has meant I’ve gotten to spend more time with this little guy and I’m definitely not mad about it. He went through an adjustment period in the beginning trying to figure out why I was staring at a computer screen and ignoring his desperate attempts to play. He’s a smart cookie though because he’s got it figured out now and just guards his window, sleeps or plays solo until I leave my desk. Also he must know I’m talking about him because he just plopped over next to me for snuggles. Going back to the office will be tough because right now there’s no where I’d rather be than with tux snuggled at my side, head in my lap and me hovering over him to type 🙂 


Taking walks is part of my regular schedule being a dog owner without a fenced in yard but I’m appreciating these so much more now. During Corona, I feel the overwhelming sense (much like everyone else) of the need to get out! It’s been great taking a nice long walk in the morning or after work and exploring my neighborhood. I’m a bit of a creep so I love looking at peoples houses, landscaping, décor etcetera as I walk. I turn what essentially is a chore (walking the dog) into my mindful time for myself where I observe my surroundings or listen to a new podcast. Here’s a shot of my favorite house in the neighborhood:

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