Cookie Swap

Here’s the dish on my cookie swap this year with my friends! Pictured above are everyone’s creations, a total of 7 types of cookies. I reached out to my friends a few weeks ahead of the swap to see if they would be interested in baking. Once everyone was game we shared our cookie choice so we wouldn’t have any duplicates. I asked them to make 12-24 cookies (size depending) so everyone could take a few home. Here’s a closer look at each.

Snowmen and chocolate Oreo balls

My friend Sara made these festive snowmen & Oreo ball cookies. The snowmen were a gingerbread cake pop consistency coated in white chocolate and topped (literally) with a mini Oreo cap. Her other cookie is a chocolate Oreo ball with red sprinkles which were made from grounded Oreos and cream cheese topped with milk chocolate and sprinkles. Both were amazing!

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

These were my dark chocolate peppermint cookies, you can find more about them here from my previous post.

Gluten& Dairy Free Double Chocolate Cookies

Melissa made these delicious double chocolate cookies and even better they were gluten and dairy free! Had she not told me I would have never known these were lacking any cookie ingredients because they were DELICIOUS! Anything with chocolate and chocolate chips has my name all over it. πŸ™‚

M&M Cookies

Isabel went with a classic, M&M and chocolate chip cookie. These were melt in your mouth goodness! There were a few left over so I microwaved them slightly for that just melted consistency and paired with a cup of milk, so yummy!

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal

Speaking of classic cookies, Priscila and Diana made chocolate chip oatmeal & snickerdoodle cookies. The chocolate oatmeal cookies were a soft & chewy savory bite. The snickerdoodle was also delightful, I’m a big fan of cinnamon so this cookie definitely caught my eye.

I hope you enjoyed getting a close up look at everyone’s cookie creation! Please leave a comment if this inspired you to bake πŸ™‚

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