2021 Intentions in Quotes

My 2021 intentions are to keep inspiring quotes I love top of mind this year to help me steer myself towards positivity and happiness. 

“If the first thing we do in the morning is look at our phone we are allowing someone else to dictate how we start our day”

This quote really resonates with me because it’s so true! Not to say that I never look at my phone in the mornings but I find myself looking a lot less and someday’s not at all when I think of this saying. I want to choose how to spend my time instead of mindlessly wasting it with social media. My overall intention when it comes to my phone is to have less screen time. I know like many, I have developed a bad habit in quarantine of looking at my phone too often. I use the “annoying” iPhone tools to check what my screen time is daily and how it changes day to day and week to week. I’m happy to report that my screen time has been trending down the last few weeks! One trick I used to help with this is setting up designated hours for using my apps. I set them to be usable about an hour after I wake up and to turn off about an hour before I go to sleep. I can opt to ignore the time for fifteen minutes or ignore it altogether for that day but at least then I’m making the conscious choice to ignore my “healthy schedule”. This probably doesn’t work for everyone but I just want to share what’s been working for me.    

“It’s the small habits. How you spend your mornings. How you talk to yourself. What you read. What you watch. Who you share your energy with. Who has access to you. That will change your life.” 

If I had to summarize everything down to one quote this would be the one because it hits all of the points. I definitely hit “how you spend your mornings” in the first bullet so I’ll skip over that one. “How you talk to yourself” is SO important but one I struggle with. All too often I find that I’m talking myself out of things or not being my own best cheerleader but I actively chose to change this. I am the only me, truly unique to myself and being me is what makes me awesome!

“What you watch” stands out to me as well. I hear this literally like “watch tv” but I more frequently “watch” my phone through Instagram, Facebook etcetera. As I just mentioned before I am trying to slim down on my social media consumption but for my moments of weakness I’ve set myself up for success. First, I’ve gone through several social media purges. I unfollow anyone or any account that doesn’t bring positivity or “good vibes” into my day, it’s amazing what this alone can do, such an amazing feeling afterwards! Second, I stack my feed with the types of things I want to see such as:

  • Local restaurants (I love seeing new drinks, appetizers, dinners etc)
  • Funny/ entertainment (mytherapistsays, travelandleisure, barstool, vodkalana)  
  • Women Power (theeverygirl, womenontop,singlesswag)  
  • Inspiring quotes (thegoodquote,herincrediblemindset, psychologyoftoday, dearmyanxiety)

This isn’t on the list but I’d add “ what you listen to”:

  • Elvis Duran and the Morning Show
  • Side Hustle School 
  • The Mindset Mentor 
  • Bad on Paper
  • U Up
  • Girls Gotta Eat

“Who you share your energy with. Who has access to you.” Wow, so many thoughts here, where to start? My energy is amazing! That may sound arrogant but it’s true to what I’ve discovered about myself. My energy is fun, bubbly, loving, exciting and more! I used to want to share it with everyone but experience has taught me to only share it with those who share it back. I know I have a lot to offer and if I don’t feel like I’m getting back what I’m giving it’s best to move on. I’ve been stuck before giving my energy away on making friends with people who were just a drain. Moving on has helped me find and appreciate friends who not only return my energy but replenish it when I need it! The same can be said for dating. Over time I’ve found the positives in being single, it’s what helped me discover my amazing energy. It would be nice to find someone who is an addition to my energy but drains need not apply :). 

“Every night when we go to sleep our brain resets, it’s up to us to implement change every morning”  

This one is simple but a good reminder that if I’m not happy with the state of things I have the opportunity each and every day to change that. Every night wipes away what I’ve learned so to speak so I need only to remind myself of what I want to focus on. 

“Your commitment to the process will determine your results”– Atomic Habits

I heard one of the YouTuber’s I follow share this quote from the book Atomic Habits and I really fell in love with it. Personally it resonates with me right now for this blog. If I’m not committed to creating and posting content it will simply be a few posts I wrote way back when. I’m striving for it to become more than that because it’s a really positive and enjoyable outlet and my commitment to the process will determine my results.

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