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It’s certainly been a minute since I last blogged! Six months to be exact. I didn’t mean to stop blogging. It started with me taking a week off and unintentionally became a very long hiatus. To be honest, I was in a bit of a slump and had a case of writers block. I couldn’t get past trying to think of new ideas to write about and couldn’t motivate myself to try. Part of the ebb and flow of life I guess. Sometimes I’m super motivated and accomplishing 10x more that I set out to do and other times I can’t even motivate myself to stop watching Netflix. Can you relate?

It was nice to take a break and recharge! I’m excited to be back and give an update of what I’ve been up to over the last 6 months. I kept up with traveling after Myrtle Beach and took a bunch of weekend/ extended weekend trips. I visited old work friends from my days in Scranton/ Wilkes Barre at Pepperjam. We ate at this Mexican Restaurant call Margarita Azul, awesome margarita’s! I really enjoyed catching up with everyone and hearing what’s going on in their lives. I’m so lucky to have formed lasting friendships with incredible people!

July I went on a trip to Miami with my Caldwell gal pals. We stayed at the Confidante which I absolutely recommend if you are looking for a girlie, picturesque beach front hotel. Our stay was 5 days and 4 nights which we took complete advantage of. It was the definition of vacation with drinks by the pool, amazing food and fun nights out! My most recent trip was Ocean City, NJ for the last weekend in July. There are a few places I want to recommend from there so I will make that a separate post.

That’s my quick summary of the last 6 months! I’m significantly more traveled and have created awesome new memories with friends. Shout out to my mom and brother for dog sitting for me while I went on all of these trips, they are the real MVP’s! It was a relief knowing Tux was well looked after 🙂

Thanks for reading! I’d love it if you leave me comment if you visit any of these places or have any other recommendations for revisiting!

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