Here’s Why I Booked a Trip to Myrtle Beach and What I’ve Been Doing

This week I’m coming to you from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! I booked this trip sometime in January because I needed an escape from winter! I love the sun and being outside so I find the dead of winter really hard especially when temperatures drop to the point where it’s painful to be outside. Once I got the idea to plan a winter getaway I was immediately excited! I knew I wanted to go south and be somewhere on the coast so I looked at the map until I came across Myrtle Beach. I searched on YouTube to get a better idea of what there was to do in the area and I was immediately sold! Myrtle Beach is huge for tourism during the summer time but off season it’s no man’s land. Perfect for a small budget, pandemic trip. Of course I made sure to book a pet friendly Airbnb so my little man Tux could come!

Initially I wanted to go on this trip so badly that I didn’t care if it was solo, I was booking it! My friend Pri surprised me and asked if I wanted company which I was more than happy to accept.  Pri was a champion driver on the 10 hour trip down! We arrived Sunday afternoon and she flys back Thursday. I’m here for two weeks, this week I’m off from work and next week I work from home here. Without any further delay here is a breakdown of the routine I’ve gotten into here in Myrtle Beach. 

Wake Up | I read a few pages of my book, right now I’m reading You Are the Brand by Steve Adubato, Ph. D. It’s great because it’s made up of short chapters about branding examples like BlackBerry, Cake Boss, Tiger Woods etc. First thing in the morning I love to listen to the podcast Side Hustle School because it is very short, generally less than 10 minutes. When I’m ready to get out of bed I change out of PJs into workout clothes to take Tux out. 

Walk on the Beach | Tux and I have been enjoying long walks on the beach first thing in the morning to get us out and moving. The beach is usually pretty empty because we’re in a tourist spot off season. I can tell Tux loves it! The first day he couldn’t wait to run down to the water, I laughed so hard when he realized how cold it was. He’s able to be more relaxed since no one else is around and he looks back at me often “smiling”. Sometimes I even run with him so we can chase the seagulls. It truly is our little morning adventure. 

Breakfast | I keep breakfast pretty simple. It’s either yogurt and oatmeal or eggs and toast. Next I make my coffee with my single serve Keurig, yes I brought it all the way from New Jersey. I have no regrets because all that is here is a Mr. Coffee. If it’s warm enough I drink my coffee out on the balcony, otherwise I sit on the couch and look out at the ocean. At some point during breakfast I start thinking about what to do for the day, usually weather depending. My inspiration for activities comes from this amazing Expedia video which actually sold me on booking this trip. 

Explore | After breakfast I usually set out to explore some of the places from the video. Here’s what’s on my to do list; going to the beach, Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach State Park, the Aquarium, golf and mini golf, Huntington Beach State Park and Brookgreen Gardens. If you know Myrtle Beach and have any other suggestions please drop them in the comments!

 Dinner | Pri and I went shopping our first day here and are taking turns making dinner. Our first night we went out to eat and catch some of the Superbowl. We went to a Mexican Restaurant that only had three tables of people counting us! They had awesome Margaritas, attentive staff and great food. Last night I made zucchini noodles, pasta and meatballs and tonight Pri is making picadillo! 

Bedtime | Even before vacation I’ve been trying to instil a better bedtime routine. I try to stay off my phone as much as possible but I usually end up looking at it for a short bit. Then I read my book until I feel tired. If I’m having trouble falling asleep I’ll use the Insight Timer app and find a guided sleep meditation. This app is great because they have ones of all different time durations varying between 5 minutes to an hour. 

Thanks for reading! I’d love it if you leave me travel suggestions or inspiration in the comments!!!

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