Thrifting with Thred Up

I grew up thrifting with one of my Aunts. We had a favorite store in Paterson, NJ that we’d easily spend hours at. I’d comb through every aisle looking at clothes, purses, shoes, jewelry, dinnerware, books and more. I remember my favorite thing to look at was the jeans. When I was in high school designer jeans like 7 for All Mankind and True Religion were the rage! I remember scoring my first pair for under $10 when they retailed for $150! Needless to say I became hooked on thrifting. You never know what you’re going to get and sometimes you don’t find anything at all but there’s something fun about the hunt of a good find!

Now one of my favorite things to do on a rainy weekend is go thrifting. When I was living in Conshohocken there was an awesome place called Liberty Thrift that had a big section of extremely affordable furniture. I got a nice console table and mirror from there and also a couch side table for $1! I haven’t found a ton of places in Jersey but Vintage Alley and Goodwill have been in my rotation so far.

That leads me to Thred Up. I’ve seen a few influencers share about Thred Up so I thought about it for awhile and finally just went for it. I got a one time box which was $10 plus the price of anything I decided to keep. Below are the clothes that I got paired with some pieces I already own. Overall, I would rate the experience with Thred Up as positive. I liked the majority of what was picked and only had fit issues with two of pieces. More thoughts…

Women’s Madewell Jeans

These Madewell jeans are super flattering! They could be paired with heels and a blouse or styled casually with a t-shirt and sneakers. They retail for $130 and the Thred Up price is $38.99.

Women’s Zara Casual Skirt

This leopard print Zara skirt is so fun to wear! It’s a pleated midi skirt with a stretch waist and hangs just below the knee. I was on the fence about this one so I posted on Instagram for some outside perspective. The overwhelming majority voted in favor of keeping it so I have! The retail price is $40 and the Thred Up price is $28.99.

Lac Bleu casual dress
Beautiful criss cross back

I was a fan of this Lac Bleu dress, especially the criss-cross back but it’s modeled by the carpet because it was too small on me! The retail price is $95 and the Thred Up price is $27.99.

Banana Republic Silk Top and Grace Karin Casual Pant

This is a cute top from Banana Republic. It’s not as obvious because I tucked it into the pants but it was big on me. If I were to keep it I’d look for one size down. It retails for $90 and is $27.99 on Thred Up. I did keep these Grace Karin pants and I’m in love with them! They are a stretchy comfortable pant that I plan to have as a staple in my work wardrobe when I return to office. It retails for $71 and is $21.99 on Thred Up.

Privy Blouse

I LOVED this top! It’s super on trend with the smocked bodice and puffy shoulders. I would have absolutely kept this if it fit but the sleeves were way too tight. It retails for $54 and is $16.99 on Thred Up.

Gap Cardigan

This Gap cardigan I was really not a fan of because it had definite signs of wear. I know the clothes are thrifted but the other pieces were in excellent condition. It retails for $60 and is $18.99 on Thred Up.

Madewell Tshirt

This Madewell top gave me definite where’s Waldo vibes! Needless to say I’m not a big fan and won’t be keeping it. It retails for $40 and is $17.99 on Thred Up.

Ann Taylor Loft Jeans

These Ann Taylor Loft white jeans with had rips on the knees and a fringed bottom. They felt really good and looked good too! Now that I’m looking at them again I think they make the keep pile too. They retail for $80 and are $24.99 on Thred Up.

Bella Dahl Blouse

This Bella Dahl denim blouse is very cute! I’ve actually been on the hunt for a good denim top. I would of been sold on this one but I didn’t like it because it cut up in the back a bit. It retails for $89 and is $20.99 on Thred Up.

Thanks for reading! I’d love it if you leave me comment if you’ve tried Thred Up before or have any other recommendations for clothing subscriptions!

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