Dating Mr. Wrong to Find Mr. Right 

Enough time has passed from my dates that I thought I’d share some of the Mr. Wrongs I’ve dated in the past couple of years. I’d be lying if I said that posting this blog didn’t give me pause, but hell with it. I’m working on giving less of a damn about what other peopleContinue reading “Dating Mr. Wrong to Find Mr. Right “

How My Dating Life is Going | 2022 Addition 

Are you here for the juicy details? I can’t say I blame you. I’m bringing this piece back because of its success earlier in the year. If you haven’t read the first edition of How My Dating Life is Going in 2021. So let’s reflect on what the scoop was at the end of lastContinue reading How My Dating Life is Going | 2022 Addition 

A Defining Moment in My Life in Under 300 Words!

A defining moment in my life was when I chose to leave “my ex”.  For those who don’t know, I dated him for over 5 years and I was happy for most of it. He proposed to me about a year before we broke up. Suddenly I was a fiance! Everyone wanted to know whenContinue reading “A Defining Moment in My Life in Under 300 Words!”

My Recent Breakup Do’s and Don’ts

Do  Take into consideration how you feel around that person. Are you happy, energized, anxious, or sad? Over time I’ve become really in tune with identifying what emotions I’m feeling in a moment. It’s been really helpful (not just for breakups) but I’ve found once I identify how I’m feeling it doesn’t take long toContinue reading “My Recent Breakup Do’s and Don’ts”

Sea Isle and Atlantic City Dinner Recommendations

My most recent trip was Ocean City, NJ for the last weekend in July. One of my junior high friends was visiting from Turkey so we planned a weekend getaway to spend time with her. Our first night we ate dinner at La Fontana Coast in Sea Isle. It’s b.y.o.b. and if you forget yourContinue reading “Sea Isle and Atlantic City Dinner Recommendations”

My 5 Must Ask Questions for a First Date

I thought it would be fun to share some of the best questions I’ve found helpful to get to know someone on a first date. I remember when I first started dating, oh how I dreaded “the first date”! I was ridiculously nervous and super unsure of what to say or ask. Now with moreContinue reading “My 5 Must Ask Questions for a First Date”