Dating Mr. Wrong to Find Mr. Right 

Enough time has passed from my dates that I thought I’d share some of the Mr. Wrongs I’ve dated in the past couple of years. I’d be lying if I said that posting this blog didn’t give me pause, but hell with it. I’m working on giving less of a damn about what other people think. If sharing my experiences helps someone else in this crazy dating world of 2023 then it was worth it! Past dates, stop reading now. Everyone else, here it is!

Mr. Priorities – This one was tough for me. This guy didn’t do anything wrong per se but it was apparent that I wasn’t on his list of priorities. We both had busy lives so anytime we went to make plans it took a lot of coordination to get an opening on both of our calendars. The more time I spent with him the more apparent it was to me that his hobby, family, and friends all came before me. He had to “work” to fit me into his time. In the past, I would have stuck around longer waiting for this guy to figure it out but I value myself too much to be treated that way. I’m a hot commodity and if I’m not on your top priority list I’m not sticking around. I find if you want someone in your life you will make the time to make them a priority.

Mr. Incommon– Let me start this by saying one of my goals for dating this year is to be open to more possibilities that I would’ve said no to in the past. I went on a date with a guy I met through mutual friends, but otherwise, we didn’t know much about each other. The more time went on during our date, the more we discovered how different we were. When we were talking about our everyday lives they really didn’t have much in common. I felt like we weren’t aligning on bigger values, like who we spend our time with and where we see our lives going. While I enjoyed the date and respect this guy I think we both came to the resolution that we simply didn’t have enough in common.

Mr. Liar – Ah this is such a pet peeve of mine! I hate liars. Mainly because this guy lied simply for the sake of lying. If know someone like this you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t,  I’m not talking about the kind of liar who lies to spare your feelings. I’m talking about the guy who lies so much he forgets what he lied about! He lies so much, he’s comfortable lying. Most importantly, or awfully he lies for the sport of it. He gets enjoyment out of “deceiving” you or others. With this guy, I found it was best to be extremely direct when I caught him in a lie and be forceful with the truth. Ultimately this one went from a red flag to a deal breaker for me because the lying continued. If you can’t be honest with me about simple things, what else are you lying about? No can do!

Mr. Quick – As you can guess Mr. Quick didn’t last long. Gross, not that way! I mean quick in terms of trying to speed through the dating process. I was listening to the U Up podcast the other day and they had a great explanation regarding the natural progression of dating. For example, there’s the getting-to-know-someone phase, building trust, becoming intimate and so on. There is a flow to dating. In my experience racing through the flow can lead to bad results. Now back to Mr. Quick. I didn’t understand him at first but it became clear to me that he had his foot on the gas, racing to close the deal. We went on a first and second date in the same week! He was eager to schedule a 3rd date that week and was pushing for it to be at one of our places. I think he was looking to hook up and I was looking for more. Maybe he thought that inserting himself into my day-to-day life would get him a win but it had the opposite effect. I was put off by his persistent approach and didn’t schedule a 3rd date.

Believe it or not I have even more Mr. Wrong stories! Leave me a comment if you want to hear more of these or if you want to share your Mr. or Mrs. Wrong dates. As always, thanks for reading!

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