How I’ve “Grown” into a Plant Person & Created My Beautiful Window Garden

3 years ago my cousin (shout out to Kathleen) gifted me a plant for my birthday. I remember thanking her for the gift but telling her that it was doomed to death because I didn’t have a green thumb. She told me not to worry; it was very easy to take care of and only needed to be watered once a week. I’m happy to report that my prayer plant is still alive! What’s more, it has grown (pun intended) me into a plant person. 

What started with one plant, soon became two, and then 3. Now my entire window sill is full of plants! My plants are in my living room because it gets the most sun throughout the day. They are next to my desk so when I’m working from home I remember to water them. I like this location because it’s a good excuse for a break from work. I take a few minutes to water the plants, prune any dead leaves, and admire their growth. To paraphrase the wise Rudy Fernandez- there is something about taking care of plants, watching them grow, and knowing you did that. Here is a quick snapshot of what my window garden looks like today. From left to right, Jade plant, Palm plant, prayer plant (the original), pink prayer plant, sage and a succulent. My most recent plants I bought from Leaf & Clay, they arrived promptly and well packaged, 10/10 recommend! Leave a comment if you have any plant recommendations, I’m always looking to expand my collection.

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