My Recipe Binder

I started making my recipe binder about a year ago after I got a few recipe magazines from the grocery store. I knew I wanted to pick specific recipes to save (as opposed to hoarding the whole magazine) and put them in a binder to keep them protected away from the kitchen hazards (water, sauce, spills) . I went to the dollar store for a 1inch binder with a cute print and some page dividers then I took a trip to Staples for page protectors. To organize the binder I kept it simple and followed the magazines guide for how to best group my recipes; apps, main meat, main fish, slow cooker, drinks, sides, dessert, breakfast. It’s still a work in progress but I love that I can rip recipes out of magazines, scribble one on a napkin or print one off the internet and safely store them away. Plus when I’m stuck in that “what to make for dinner” rut, I now have the perfect place to go for inspiration! Comment below if you want to see some of my favorite recipes!

2 thoughts on “My Recipe Binder

  1. What a great idea I have all my single recipes ones printed and ones from magazines in the filing cabinet and that is in my sewing room. I will need to do this very soon 😀


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