Galentine’s Décor

I absolutely love decorating for the holidays! I have way too many bins of holiday décor stuffed away in my living room closet. I decorate for pretty much every major holiday, mostly because I enjoy the process. There’s something creative, fun and even therapeutic about it! Now, for this post I thought it’d be fun to share a few pictures of my décor for Valentine’s Day. I’m a bit early putting it up this year but I’m going to be on vacation for the actual day so I wanted sometime to enjoy it. Anyways, here are some snapshots from my living room, hope this gives you some inspiration!

I made this heart garland a few years back with felt hearts and twine from the dollar store. I couldn’t find the exact hearts on the website (though they’re likely in stores) but I wanted to share a similar one here in case you want to recreate the look.

I absolutely love decorating with fake florals! When I mentioned I have bins of décor in my closet, I left out that one of them is solely dedicated to faux florals. I bought this particular bundle of tulips at Michael’s. I love the feminine flare that they add!

Here’s another floral arrangement on my desk. This is really understated Valentine’s Day décor but I was going for feminine florals as my overall theme. I bought the florals from Michaels, I can’t find the exact match since this was a few year back but these are pretty similar. As for the white pitcher, this is from Ikea, I love the farmhouse vibe.

Here’s my bar car. I found this in the basement of one of the houses I rented and refinished it with my roommates help. This has to be my favorite pieces of furniture because I had a vision of what it could be and made it happen! If you want to know more about it leave bar cart in the comments and I will create a post about it. Anyways let’s get into the décor on top!

Starting in the back I bought this gold frame and XOXO tic tac toe card from the dollar store. Now I can’t take credit for the card idea, I saw it on YouTube but it’s great because you can change out cards per holiday. As for the candles the one on the left is the You’re the ONE candle from Bath & Body works and the other two are also from the dollar store.

This last floral arrangement was actually the first thing I set up when I started decorating. Inside of the basket (where you can’t see) are pumpkins which I used as filler and then I covered it with a white material. I picked the flowers off of the stem along with the leaves and arranged them on top of the basket. You can really use any basket to recreate this look and here are similar florals from Michaels.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Galentine’s Décor

  1. Those are very pretty, I can’t remember the last time I decorated for Valentine’s Day maybe I should do something for it this year 🙂

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