How My Dating Life is Going | 2022 Addition 

Are you here for the juicy details? I can’t say I blame you. I’m bringing this piece back because of its success earlier in the year. If you haven’t read the first edition of How My Dating Life is Going in 2021.

So let’s reflect on what the scoop was at the end of last year. I started dating someone in the fall after he “slid into the dm’s”. The conversation flowed easily and everything felt like it progressed naturally. I met his family and friends and vice versa. We dated for about 6 months. I’m not going to get into the details of the breakup because I want to be respectful of this person’s privacy but we split up in April of this year.

I had a tough time post-breakup. It had been a while since I dated anyone for that amount of time and my day-to-day shifted dramatically. I went from talking to someone daily and seeing them a few times a week, to nothing. I remember my friends asking me how I was doing and I answered truthfully, I said I was sad. Looking back 6 months later it has been a healing process but I’m feeling like myself again. I took the summer off from dating and spent my time down the shore with family. 

The first date I went on this year was nerve-racking. I immediately didn’t feel any chemistry and stayed for too long. I forgot my go-to excuses to make an early exit but it was good to get the first date band off. I’ve been on a few other dates in recent months but nothing has lasted. I know what I’m looking for and I’m not willing to settle in order to find it. I’m back to focusing my energy on myself. I’m enjoying thrifting on the weekends, taking tux on long walks, and just being my single, fun self!

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