5 Dog Treats & Toys for a Dog Super Chewer

  1. Kong Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy

I highly recommend any Kong toys as they’re the most durable toys I’ve come across. I recently learned that Kong has different levels of toy toughness indicated by the toy color. Pink & blue are for puppies, red is their classic and black is for extreme chewers. Since my dog Tux rips toys apart in record time I appreciate a quality toy. I have a goodie bone toy in black because he needs the toughest chew level. I love the bone because it fits his favorite treats like bacon, greenies and peanut butter and makes him work to get them. Some of the puzzle toys that hide treats are made of cheap plastic that he destroys but I’ve had the Goodie Bone for over a year so it’s proven the test of time. 10/10 recommend this one. 

  1. Kong Ring Dog Toy

I treated Tux to a new toy! It had been awhile since I bought a Kong toy but this one is a winner. Whatever I bring in the house immediately grabs Tuxes attention. He is so nosey! I love how he gets excited about new things. I can tell I’ve made his day. He has played with it a few other times since I initially gave it to him but he isn’t constantly going for it. 7/10 recommend this one. 

  1. Elk Antlers 

I first discovered elk antlers for dogs at the Philadelphia flower show. Whisker Biscuits had a booth there and they were selling dog treats and antlers. Knowing Tux is a heavy chewer I figured I’d give it a shot. He loved it! The antler is perfect for him because it wears down slowly over time. He loves the marrow flavor and he has to work to get it. These chews can last for a few months or until they run out of marrow. 10/10 recommend this one. 

  1. Himalayan dog chew 

A dog trainer recommended this to me. Himalayan treats are an excellent treat to distract Tux when guests come over or when I want to keep him busy. I always try to keep a couple on hand for those kinds of occasions. A Himalayan chew will roughly last him twenty to thirty minutes.The cons are that it can be a little bit messy as it crumbles when he eats it. 7/10 recommend this one. 

  1. Greenies 

Greenies are 100% Tux’s favorite treat! If you saw the word greenie it gets him going. Give him a greenie and you’ve made his day. I think it’s because I used to buy him dental chews when he was little for teething.  9/10 recommend this one. 

  1. True Chews

The first dog training class I took Tux to the instructor recommended True Chews. She talked about having a high reward treat to keep his attention. He loves true chews! I took a picture of the bag to purchase the brand and flavor. Tux is extremely treat motivated. I know that’s not the case with every dog so find what works best for yours I just want to share what works for me. 8/10 recommend this one.

Leave me a comment if you try any of these treats or let me know what treats or toys you recommend! Tux is always looking to try something new.

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